About Us

"Necessity is the mother of invention".  Like many of our customers, we had tried many of the holsters on the market and decided to take matters into our own hands.  We wanted a holster that was comfortable for every day carry and doesn't require larger pant sizes, heavy duty gun belts and a gun pushing against your waist.  

We started by handcrafting leather goods that don't currently exist in the market in order to find a better way to conceal carry while being comfortable.  Carta Valley Holsters primarily sells the Cross Body Holsters that we designed to free your waistline.  They are a great solution for small to mid-sized guns.  We also make leather pocket holsters for small to mid sized guns.  We handcraft all products here in the USA with quality vegetable tanned leather that is made in USA by Wickett & Craig.  Try something different and new from Carta Valley Holsters today.   

If you have questions about ordering a custom product or product inquiry, please email us at: cartavalleyholsters@gmail.com

Contact Information:

Carta Valley Holsters L.L.C

P.O. Box 140082

Dallas, Texas 75214

phone:  903-689-2841 or 903-689-CVH1