Our Quality

When purchasing a holster quality is very important.  At Carta Valley Holsters, we know that in order to produce quality products one must start with the right materials, apply attention to detail in leather crafting and most importantly, have pride in their products.   

Excellent Materials:

We handcraft our holsters by starting with genuine leather products that have been veg tanned by Wickett & Craig.  Using veg tanned leather is critical since chromium tanned leather can cause chemical reactions with the metal of your gun over time.  We also join our leather products with heavy weight #277 thread.  

Attention to Detail:

The mechanical design of our holsters has been modified over and over to achieve what we believe is the most comfortable concealed carry holster on the market.  Our design allows easy grip of the gun, smooth surface on all aspects of the holster that are in contact with the user.  The back side of the retention snap is covered in leather to ensure your gun only touches smooth leather when holstered.  Beyond the mechanical design, we apply this same attention to detail to our crafting, staining and finishing processes.  


Our passion is producing holsters that are both ascetically pleasing and comfortable.  We started making holsters because we had the same problem most people have.  It's difficult to find a comfortable way to concealed carry but we believe we have the perfect solution.  As the owner, I carry a cross body holster every day and I am confident once you try our holsters you will see why we have so much pride in our work.